Sunday, July 24, 2011

Maggie and Billy fly out to Oregon

At the airport in SLC ready to fly out Boarding the airplane

Camping at Bear River Exchange

Scenic View on the road to the campsite
Cooking Breakfast in the morning

All the kids had fun playing with cousins

The big race - all the kids raced one at a time for timed trials around a circle that was a little over 1/4 mile.

Only one bike to share so some of the kids had to make due with a bike that was a little too small for them

Will decided to race on foot for time.

All the kids thought that would be fun too so they lined up and had a foot race around the circle

Even Julie tried out the bike

Luke got upset so Will took him for a ride around the circle

The ride home

Firepit with the neighbors

Billy, Maggie, and Drew camping

Hiking to a waterfall during the camping trip. Summer of 2011.

Julie playing cards with Katie, Tami, and Debbie

Oregon Friends Reunion

Alan, Will, Matt, Ben, and Dakota The Kirby's
The Bolton's

The Dunne's

The Liggett's

Billy and Maggie

Billy and Maggie insist on sleeping in the same twin sized bed.

Maggie during pajama day in 1st grade. Maggie got an award for best penmanship!